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On The Creative Side

Creativity is a cornerstone in my life. I find passion in creative pursuits.

What does that mean for you? Do you want...

...a song written for a special occasion?

...a fun parody song to sing karaoke style at a party?

...a children's story written to tell a family story to your children or grandkids?

...an animated explainer video for your website?

...a voiceover for a video?

...a monologue for an audition?

...a short play to illustrate a point for church or your community group?

...a pianist or vocalist for a wedding or celebration event?

...a scrapbook put together for a grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary?

...a photo montage music video for a memorial service?

...a poem for a church nursery wall or babies room?

If you can dream it...let's do it!

The arts have always been a part of my life.

I was very fortunate to grow up with parents who let me explore any interest that I had. I took lessons and participated in everything from about age 3 (the age of my oldest grandchild). When I say everything—I mean it: piano lessons, cheerleading, softball, volleyball, baton twirling, dance, gymnastics, student leadership, choirs and ensembles, and theater productions. In college, I was a piano performance minor until I got my first “B” in music theory. Then I dropped the minor. (Control-freak perfectionist here…)

As an adult, I’ve forayed into musical theater productions, spent 15 years on church praise teams (keys and vocals), enjoyed the spotlight in karaoke, and spent hundreds of hours scrapbooking (although less nowadays of traditional scrapbooking and more digital, but still have all the tools for the traditional style).

I spent 15 years working in public schools as a counselor and behavioral coach. There are always creative opportunities as part of school faculty, from talent shows and school assemblies to helping with Prom. I even joined forces with an elementary Principal to co-write a series of children’s behavior books that should be published soon.

Throughout the years I’ve written some music and am in the middle of two projects right now. I’m working on collaborating song-writing and production with two musicians affiliated with “Next Evolution,” which offers self-development courses that have experiential exercises that require music. And after my son and I did a fun music video about Chick-Fil-A’s chicken minis, the local store asked if we’d do a project promoting ordering on the app. So I wrote the “One App Rap” that my son and I just recorded, but the video hasn’t been shot yet.

My son Chesney is the true talent in our family. Chesney has more talent in his pinky toe than I have in my whole being and we knew that at an early age. His first words were dada, mama, then “Wee a Pooh” (Winnie the Pooh) sung in perfect pitch. He would bounce in his jumper to the rhythm of whatever music we were playing. When he was in high school, we actually moved our family to SoCal so that he could pursue a career in Hollywood and attend Orange County School of the Arts. I was Chesney’s “Momager.” But at the time, I ended up playing alongside him in Hollywood. I auditioned and picked up a few featured roles, and did lots of extras work in tv and film. Don’t know if I’d call that season a career, but it was a delightful paid hobby.

Chesney has since graduated from Grand Canyon University with a B.A. in Dance Performance and was part of the professional dancer cast on Princess Cruiselines until COVID-19 brought the industry to an abrupt halt. In fact, he was on the Grand Princess and ended up quarantined at Miramar. He’s home now and trying to figure out where he can fit in entertainment in this strange new world.

As Chesney’s momager, I taught myself to build websites, cut music, record and edit video, and develop marketing materials. Those skills have certainly been helpful as I launched my own legal estate planning practice, Lifeguarding Legacies, here in Arizona. My business actually has a creative bent all its own--not really having a background in painting, I painted a seascape based on my marketing brand--oil on canvas—and sold it at a charity auction last year.

I try to foster a love for art in my grandbabies. I try to get them to sing and dance with me almost every time we're together. We all tried water colors recently, but it was an epic fail. They do love to let me read stories to them, so hopefully that will foster some imagination that finds its way into creative expression.

The very first words of scripture state “In the beginning, God created….” If we believe that we are made in His image, I imagine that he is proud when we create beauty, art, music, and leave the world richer. It is certainly in times of creativity that I feel closest to the Creator.

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