• Heidi Thompson

And Other Random Tasks

Outside education, creative pursuits, and legal work, there are still other things I might do to help.

YARD SALE LEFTOVERS. I can itemize and value your leftover smaller yardsale items for your taxes (clothing, small household goods, etc.). Or skip the yardsale altogether and enjoy your weekend. I'll pick the items up, enter them into a valuation program, and drop off the items at the charity location of your choice. You were just going to get rid of them anyway, why not take advantage of the "free" money and share the wealth. You might be surprised how these items add up.

ASSEMBLY HELP. I am one of those crazy folks who actually LOVES following directions to assemble furniture items (think IKEA). If it is a one-person weekend job, let me come to the rescue with tools in tow.

REPURPOSING. This is a bit harder to explain, but if you have furniture that you don't want to get rid of, but wonder how to make it work for you, don't dump it yet. I might have some ideas. Some involve paint, some just involve alternate uses. I solve problems with a creative lens. I've repurposed many objects in my home for many years and saved thousands.

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