• Heidi Thompson

A Lifetime of Education

I've spent most of my life in the classroom, the halls of education, or the offices supporting education.

I simply enjoy teaching content and have learned tips and tricks to make teaching more fun for your audience.

What does this mean for you? Do you wish someone would...

...turn boring presentations into engaging learning environnments?

...take 60 page PowerPoint presentations and condense them to 5 meaningful slides or a

single well-designed reference sheet?

...create an animated explainer video for your website?

...help you learn the skills for more positive parenting?

...help you learn a common software program or app?

...turn presentations into game shows?

...help the audience engage on their phones as they listen (so they aren't surfing?)

...turn a routine task into desk instructions?

...turn lots of routine tasks into a job binder or a website page?

Or do you just need a speaker for a networking group?

Or someone to lead a training event on a topic you've been thinking about?

If any of these trigger a job you need done, let's chat.

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