• Heidi Thompson

On The Legal Side

I am a Legacy Lifeguard.


I help people preserve what they've worked for so they can be put to the best use of those they love and the causes they care about.

In this process, I help people avoid the Ruthless Rays of Probate by making sure their assets will pass either by operation of law or within a Trust.

I ensure that people have an alternate voice during times of incapacity with Power of Attorneys for health and finances.

I help grandparents create lasting multi-generational legacies without creating Trust brats.

I help parents ensure that guardianship is in place if the worst should happen.

I help divorcees define themselves and their relationships with an estate plan that is separate from their prior spouse, but still protects their children.

I create plans for the care of fur babies.

And I help business owners ensure that the proceeds from their businesses can pass to their families.

I work to minimize the chance for lawsuits by understanding human behavior and counseling clients to make wise choices.

To help potential clients, I even wrote a book. "Lifeguarding Your Legacies: What every Arizonian needs to know about Estate Planning."

I can provide a free copy of my book at your FREE strategy session for estate planning. Visit www.lifeguardinglegacies.com/book-online for more info.

If you've never thought about completing an estate plan, but if you reside in Arizona and are over 18, let's chat. The consult is always free.

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