Arizona Only...

My primary business, Lifeguarding Legacies, PLLC, offers wills, trusts, medical and financial power of attorneys and asset planning.

I can refer to other attorneys outside the state.

Some remote, some Phoenix...Do you need...

...a song written for a special occasion?

...a fun parody song to sing karaoke style at a party?

...a children's story written to tell a family story to your children or grandkids? animated explainer video for your website?

...a voiceover for a video?

...a monologue for an audition?

...a short play to illustrate a point for church or your community group?

...a pianist or vocalist for a wedding or celebration event?

...a scrapbook put together for a grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary?

...a photo montage music video for a memorial service?

...a poem for a church nursery wall or babies room?


If you can dream it...let's do it!

Anywhere in the U.S....let me help you...

...turn boring presentations into engaging learning environnments?

...take 60 page PowerPoint presentations and condense them to 5 meaningful slides or a

single well-designed reference sheet?

...create an animated explainer video for your website? you learn the skills for more positive parenting? you learn a common software program or app?

...turn presentations into game shows? the audience engage on their phones as they listen (so they aren't surfing?)

...turn a routine task into desk instructions?

...turn lots of routine tasks into a job binder or a website page?


Or do you just need a speaker for a networking group?


Or someone to lead a training event on a topic you've been thinking about?

If any of these trigger a job you need done, let's chat.

If you are a Phoenix resident, I can help you with local tasks.

Yard Sale Leftovers - if you itemize for taxes, I can take your clothing and small items and provide the valuations for each item.  Then I take a share of what I save you that you would have thrown away or donated anyway...

Assembly - I love IKEA and other "some assembly required" furnishings.  Let me take on your weekend job so you can play on the weekend.

Repurposing - Just need an idea of what to do with that bookshelf or that end table?  Maybe we can have some fun.